More About The Band

The Monster, Cody Mausolf, on drums 11/2019-present.

Cody accidentally joined the band after shooting our Crawl video with his film business The Liquor Portal. We became quick friends and he happily jumped in to our studio rehearsals and before long we were gigging with him. 

You can find Cody shooting around town for band concerts, and music videos as well as weddings and video podcasts. When he isn’t drumming with the EG band or I Am The Liquor he is bartending as Becky at Another Round RVA

photo credit: Sean Plunkett



The Unicorn, Dylan Lawson, on guitar 8/2019-present.

Dylan also joined the band on accident as he filled in for Camden while he was away at college. We got so attached to him we decided we needed two guitarist. Dylan easily joined Emma in the studio to track solos. His humility is equal to his talent.



You can find Dylan around the East Coast playing with his other projects Dismantle the Architect, Asylum 213 and co.ghost while making a living as a fire alarm technician.

photo credit: Dave Pearson




The Centaur, Dylan Edwards, 3/2021-present.

In 2021 we decided to take a different direction after Camden moved on to his own projects and to prepare for his return to college. There are few guitarist in Richmond that can equal Camden’s skill and enthusiasm…but we found him. We are looking forward to building our band family with Dylan who has 14 years of guitar experience and several years of performance time. 

Dylan can also be found on stage with Loxias and Followship. And yes his mouth is always open when he plays.

photo credit: Black Pearl Creative

The Storyteller, Mitchel Bamberger, on bass 3/2021-present.

Mitchel started hanging out with the band when he starred in our Mother May I video. While he is also Emma’s life partner his experience teaching bass guitar made him an ideal candidate for joining the band. He doesn’t play bass outside of the band and was up for the challenge for the position. He is also one of Richmond’s top storytellers and we look forward to his lyric and composition input.
When Mitchel isn’t playing with the EG band he leads his band folk band Mitchel Evan and the Saboteurs, or is out playing solo. During 2020 Emma and Mitchel started an old school country duet to help overcome the pandemic obstacles with EM & ME. He teaches children’s music lessons as well at Powhatan Music and Sound to supplement his gigging.

photo credit: Out With Ambler

Past Members
And Special Thanks TO guest musicians

The Bear, Sammy P. Stiles, founding bassist 9/2018-12/2020

Sammy joined the band right out the gate in fall 2018. He met Emma while he was the bouncer at The Camel and was excited to hop in and support. While he has moved on to focus on his own project he can still be found DJing at WRIR 97.3.

photo credit: Through It All Photography

The Wizard, Camden Harrahy, guitarist and drummer 6/2019-12/2020

Emma and Camden met in 2015 at School of Rock and have spent the years between in and out of each others lives. Camden is off to finish college and can be found filling in on many different instruments around Richmond and Nashville. 

Andrew Rohlk, founding guitarist 9/2018-6/2019

Emma met also met Andrew at School of Rock in 2015. He was her instructor and school director. They had their ups and downs like many student-teacher relationships but when Emma graduated and started her original band Andrew was ready to make some changes. He enthusiastically co-wrote and performed with her with piles of faith in her future growth. He can now be found fronting his own project and continuing to teach.  

photo credit: Glenn Woodell

CJ Alicea, founding drummer 9/2018-11/2019

And here is another amazing musician that helped develop the EG band. CJ was also one of Emma’s teachers at School of Rock and had lots of faith in her ambition and talent. CJ can still be found around Richmond teaching and playing drums for hire. 

photo credit: Glenn Woodell