Acoustic Emma

There is another side to emma...

You may all know me for my presence in the hard rock scene, but I also have a passion for exploring all genres so I thought I would share a bit more of myself with you. 

My first interest in music was with Broadway hits which I practiced endlessly in my tween years. The women of Broadway gave me the taste and from there I ended up at School of Rock. 

School of Rock taught me the structure of the music business and forced me to explore many genres from Motown, classic rock through current hits. There I found lots of comfort with a talented band surrounding me.

As I approached adulthood I felt that I needed to be able to perform with less people in order to gain more stage opportunities. I started going to open mics around town and as I gained confidence I started hosting my own open mics. 

I believe it is so important to give opportunities and support to musicians; these smaller stages can give musicians the confidence they may need to find their potential. While 2020 closed the door on my rock shows and open mic events it opened a door for me in 2021 that I didn’t expect. 

My partner, Mitchel Evan, and I have decided to expand on our previous porch shows that we hosted for touring singer-songwriters and local showcases.  *We are now expanding The Folk Farm to include monthly farm shows and annual gatherings. 


As you know I am still very young and have my entire music career to explore. I look forward to evolving my sound with my band…I really can’t wait to see what direction we will take next. But I am also exploring another side of myself. I really enjoy stretching my range and my comfort zone. Mitchel Evan and I have started a duo that is currently in production and we will have an EP dropping before you know it. 

We are really excited to share this project and look forward to having our first stage experience together as a couple. *So if you want to stay posted on what we are up to go follow our Facebook, EM & ME we will get some updates for you as soon as we have them. 

*If you would like to book EM & ME or get involved with The Folk Farm and become a volunteer for our events, you can contact us at 


Thank you for all of your support over the years.

–Emma Turns Garell